He currently serves as the Head of Corporate Development for technology company Uber, but Cameron Poetzscher has been working for years to the point that he has gained a reputation as a strong executive with proven finance, operational and deal-making experience. Cameron tends to be a problem solver, and people like that about him. He tends to approach problems in a highly creative and analytical manner and he seems to do his best work in the highest-pressure, most challenging situations.

With tons of experience in leading difficult negotiations, as well as structuring partnerships and acquisitions, leading difficult negotiations, and making deals, even before he made his mark with Uber, Cameron Poetzscher enjoyed a very long career as a difference-maker. Through his 17 years with Goldman Sachs as a global investment professional, he managed to supply investment advice and guidance to many of the most sophisticated and demanding clients anywhere, including some companies in the Fortune 50. He also assisted with development and growth of many pre-IPO start-ups backed by leading venture capital firms and he worked on a number of complex high-profile transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other types of financings.

Most of Cameron Poetzscher‘s career has been focused primarily on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, with a strong concentration on the Internet and entertainment areas, but he also has considerable experience working with companies in a number of other fields, including the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas. His experience has also been international, having worked on deals in every corner of the world, having helped create deals on five continents.