Cameron Poetzscher

When Cameron Poetzscher started out in his business career, he did so as a consultant with Booz and Company in Australia. From that position, his primary concentration was on hands-on operational issues. Those included such important functions as sales, forecasting and profitability, among other things, but he also has a hand in critical corporate functions, such as organizational issues and corporate strategies, as well as corporate due diligence.

That was only the beginning. Following Booz and Company, Cameron Poetzscher went on to earn an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. That educational experience apparently sparked something because he stayed at HBS for a year, on their Finance Faculty, where he wrote up cases and did some important financial research into subjects like derivatives, hedging and liability management. Soon after that, Cameron then began a long stint at Goldman Sachs, where he did a little bit of everything for 17 years. His experience is strong; no wonder he landed at ride-sharing giant Uber, to help them with corporate development.